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Billy Demong

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Ski Nation Founding Skier

Meet Billy, Ski Nation’s non-celebrity face of skiing. Billy is the best all-round skier that you have never met or heard of. He is more than an expert at alpine, cross-country, telemark, backcountry, and has even been known to throw down a flip or spin from time to time. Did we mention that he once flew 181 meters (594 feet) Nordic ski jumping?

His home ski area is a little place outside Saranac Lake, NY called Dewey Mountain where he started skiing at age 6.

So we thought that Billy would be the best representative for the all-round commitment of Ski Nation to be for all skiers and all ski areas regardless of size, type, or how much money they have. Small ski areas are like Billy Demong… you don’t have to be super famous to be great.

In his spare time Billy Demong won the Olympic Gold Medal and the World Championships in Nordic Combined skiing. OK, the guy’s been on four Olympic Teams, but he’s just another person that loves riding the snow. Welcome to Ski Nation.

Wanted – Unknown Skiers

We are searching for skiers of all kinds that represent Ski Nation. Send us a photo and short bio that includes: Name, Home Ski Area, and a couple of sentences about what makes you unknown, weird, or otherwise a unique skier. Tell us about the different ways that you love to ski and/or snowboard. You don’t have to be famous or a top athlete, you just have to love skiing.

We’ll post a few every week on our Facebook page and even on Ski Nation.

Please include email address, phone number, and date of birth (you must be over age 18). Last name and personal contact info WILL NOT be shared. Send info to: